AccessArt’s mission is to expand who shapes and enjoys the benefits of creative public spaces.


AccessArt’s mandate is to improve access to creative public spaces for Deaf / Neurodiverse / Disabled artists. Activities include dialogue, open source research, and developing mapping solutions led, co-led, and implemented by Neurodiverse / Deaf / Disabled Artists, arts workers with disabilities, and allies. We aim to produce sustainable improvement to both the accessibility of physical spaces and the creative/institutional processes that shape our shared spaces.  


AccessArt started as a spin-off project of AccessPath. This collaboration between AccessNow and Pan Am Path 360 scanned 100km of art and trails in 2017-18.  Collaborators also include ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts. Established in 2014, ArtsPond seeks to nurture healthy human ecosystems that boost social, spatial, and digital justice for equity-seeking groups. We do so by fusing collaborative practices from social innovation and community-engaged arts. As part of a pandemic response effort, ArtsPond recently engaged more than 12,000 gig workers including coverage by CBC, CityTV, Toronto Star, Globe&Mail, The Canadian Press, and more.

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